Many organizations which have employed backhoe loaders in their work sites operate with optimum time utilization of machine. It’s mainly due to stretched targets and tight time lines in the dynamic business world. Hence machine inspections tend to miss out in daily operation. But it has been identified many accidents and sudden breakdowns happens due to this.

This course is intended to provide understanding of how-to carryout a proper Heavy Machine Walk-around inspection for Backhoe Loader with reference to CAT 428 Machine. It would give you the knowledge on how to perform Visual Walk Around Inspection on Equipment safely, efficiently, and effectively.

Objectives of this course as follows:

1. Understand the importance of Walkaround inspection

2. Learn how to make sure your Backhoe Loader is ready to employ in the work floor

3. Understand the step-by-step process of conducting a walkaround inspection 

4. Learn how to document the machine inspection data

Learnings of this course will eventually help to prevent sudden machine breakdowns and increase the availability within your work floor. Therefore, it will reduce machine down time and allow plan and schedule maintenance work which will ultimately linked to profitability of your organization. Therefore we recommend you follow this course with attention to each check point and get the maximum benefit to you.