Diesel Generators are most known as stand by power source. But generator must be inspected and keep up to date on daily basis to supply the power at any general power supply interruption. There are key factors that need attention on such daily inspection.

There are several benefits that you earn when you perform the walkaround inspection on daily basis. They could be list as follows:

1. Prevent Sudden Breakdowns of your site / organization

2. Increase the availability of your Power Generator to power up in any emergency.

3. Reduce Down Time of the generator so that no disturbance in the daily operation..

4. Plan and schedule Maintenance Work can be well panned to avoid sudden power interruption issues

Above benefits will eventually lead to the cost reductions for your generator repair and it shall increase the profitability of your organization.

This program would give you the knowledge on how to perform Visual Walk Around Inspection on Diesel Generator safely, efficiently, and effectively towards more proactive equipment management.

This programmed consists of ten short modules where each module will focus on as specific component or section of the generator. We recommend you to follow this course and get the maximum benefits. This is a begginer levelk course; hence it is explained at basic level so that any fresh graduate also can understand the concepts and procedures explained in the programmed .