Course Mode : Physical Training (Only for Corporates)
For Whom : This is ideal for Machine Operators / Maintenance Supervisors/  Warehouse Supervisors and also Safety Officers, HR / Training Officers.


Machine operator plays a major role in work floor/site. Operators' attitude towards the safe operation and daily maintenance of a forklift has a great impact on its life as well as operational efficiency. So a skilled operator will improve machine performance for smoother operation and less downtime.

Training Objectives

  1. Understand how to operate the Forklift safely within the work floor/site.
  2. Learn the essential daily maintenance tips
  3. Understand the importance preventive measures to avoid breakdowns and accidents.

Detailed Content

  1. Occupational Safety and ergonomics
  2. Engineering Principles related to Forklift
  3. Material handling principles
  4. Lift truck Stability
  5. Safe Driving techniques
  6. Maintenance of Battery and Charger
  7. Know your workplace
  8. Preventive Maintenance